Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Latino Artists Featured and MOST WANTED @ GA/GI

At the May 6th Unblurred, Most Wanted Fine Art, MWF (5015 Penn Avenue) features Cafe Con Leche, which was founded in January, 2014 to give give the city's Latino arts community more visibility. Calling their approach "a little bit of tradition and a little bit of innovation," Cafe Con Leche assists those wanting to collaborate through showcasing the diversity of the Latino culture. They offer services to non profit, companies, institutions and other organizations "wanting to build authentic relationships."

Nina and Jason Sauer of  MWF (5015 Penn Avenue) have been working with Cafe Con Leche for several years, recognizing their talents by offering space the group space at MFW for events. "They bring real energy to the gallery scene," said Nina Sauer. "And people should realize that Pittsburgh's Latino community is growing fast."

Featured artists will be Gregory Garay, listed as Creative Entrepreneur. Emerging Artist. Digital & Traditional Art; Jason Mendez, Educator. Author. Interdisciplinary Theater Artist and Father. And Hosey Carona, a multidisciplinary artist who is described as performance based, sculptural and unapologetically colorful.

Jason Mendez

Hosey Corona 

Gregory Garay

Gregory Garay

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