Wednesday, March 23, 2016

PTC's GA/GI VIDEO Is Going to the AIRPORT!

The Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC), a long-time GA/GI Festival supporter. just recently approved the Geek Art/Green Innovator's event to go on to the 2016 Creative Clash Video currently looping at the Pittsburgh International Airport. The PTC's Creative Network mission is to serve as "a creative hub that ignites creativity and innovation, enhances interconnectivity and provides opportunity for creative cutlural transformation."

The full presentation will be produced by Animal  Studios, which updates once a year. Kim Chestney, Senior Director of Creative Industries, told Team GA/GI that the 10 second festival clip will be one of 65 from the region's most amazing and unique creative works. The videos will be showcased in digital billboard fashion. All visitors leaving or boarding their flights to and from Pittsburgh can view it. "These images will be seen by at least one million people," Chestney said.

Local 412 Throwback Event Puts the Hip in Hip-Hop @ GA/GI

Amber Epps
According to Amber Epps, throwback is the word at Local 412 (4901 Penn Avenue), where the gallery owner and Bloomfield/Garield Corp's,  Mainstreet Manager, is pulling out the stops to make  her May 6th Unblurred at GA/GI  an event that is--in 80's venacular-- "totally radical."  During Unblurred, Epps' musical guests are (forgive us) blurring the beats and instrumentals of hip-hip artists from the 80's and 90's to produce a totally fresh point of views. And it's all going to be performed LIVE! In the recycling spirit of GA/GI, Epps wants to show that even with music there are opportunities to change something considered old and outdated by some, into something with a new millineum flavor.

Not a Hip Hop artist? Epps says she has Karoke, too. "We're offering  the hottest songs from the 80's and 90's. You'll want to hop on stage to impress your friends and new-found fans with your vocal abilities."

The doors open at 7 and performances start promptly at 8 pm.This event is for all ages. Cover charge of $10 includes complementary drinks. Those wanting to perform should contact Amber Epps at /Like them on Facebook 

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Latino Artists Featured and MOST WANTED @ GA/GI

At the May 6th Unblurred, Most Wanted Fine Art, MWF (5015 Penn Avenue) features Cafe Con Leche, which was founded in January, 2014 to give give the city's Latino arts community more visibility. Calling their approach "a little bit of tradition and a little bit of innovation," Cafe Con Leche assists those wanting to collaborate through showcasing the diversity of the Latino culture. They offer services to non profit, companies, institutions and other organizations "wanting to build authentic relationships."

Nina and Jason Sauer of  MWF (5015 Penn Avenue) have been working with Cafe Con Leche for several years, recognizing their talents by offering space the group space at MFW for events. "They bring real energy to the gallery scene," said Nina Sauer. "And people should realize that Pittsburgh's Latino community is growing fast."

Featured artists will be Gregory Garay, listed as Creative Entrepreneur. Emerging Artist. Digital & Traditional Art; Jason Mendez, Educator. Author. Interdisciplinary Theater Artist and Father. And Hosey Carona, a multidisciplinary artist who is described as performance based, sculptural and unapologetically colorful.

Jason Mendez

Hosey Corona 

Gregory Garay

Gregory Garay

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sounds and Echo Lightwaves @ Assemble during GA/GI

For May 6, GA/GI @ Unblurred, Assemble (5125 Penn Avenue) is hosting Jonathan Hodges-- a control /freak!  

Echo Lightwave Unspeakable (Aka Jonathan Hodges) has been hacking electronics into experimental electronic instruments for the past 15 years. His exhibition: “control / freak” represents 15 years of trial/error/failure in the pursuit of knowledge and self fulfillment through the use/misuse of electronics in order to create a larger palate of unusal sounds.  Some of the month's activities include: a circuit bending workshop, an album release from Echo Lightwave Unspeakable
(also entitled “control / freak”), multiple experimental music showcases, and the debut of the “Psychic Orchestra”; a large, light sensitive, installation using 100 tone generating circuits.

Echo Lightwave Unspeakable is also running a fundraiser to cover thecosts of the month long show at Assemble and his album release by selling t-shirts on

Learn more about Assemble here, and keep checking back at our blog!

Monday, March 14, 2016

GA/GI with Speak Llife Storytellers

Captain, Adam Keene, Speaklife Storytellers
Pittsburghers of all ages can get a chance to experience Speak Life Storytellers' "Gather 'Round the Fire," a Multidisciplinary installation during GA/GI Fest at May 6, 2016 Unblurred on Penn Avenue. Captain Adam, as he is known, will host an event with musicians, storytellers, glassblowers, and dancers sponsored by Kelly Strayhorn's Dance Alloy. Keene will explore "What brings us together," Check back with our blog for more details on this exciting musical-tech experiment within an arts event at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.

Comic Illustrator Daniel McCloskey to design GA/GI Poster

Daniel McCloskey is a comic book hero. Not because he's in one, but because he writes them.

"Several years ago, at barely 21 years of age, McCloskey took a $10,000 inheritance from a woman he never met, bought a house in Upper Lawrenceville and began mapping out his own cultural plan for the city. He painted his house on Carnegie Street sky blue, rendered puffy cartoon clouds on the vinyl siding, and started a visiting writers program from scratch. It wasn't long before he garnered five residents, who paid $73 dollars a month for what McCloskey called a "biggish closet" and a chance to become part of his new collective: Cyberpunk Apocalypse." states the Bloomfield/Garfield Bulletin's March issue in which McCloskey is featured on page 16. McCloskey has changed some of his organization's goals and moved his operation to the North side, but still has strong ties to Pittsburgh's east end. He is working on the sixth installment of his comic series "Free Money". It so happens, the public is begging to see what happens to the comics protagonist Neema and her sidekick, the robot "Money," who fell-- literally-- from the sky in sci-fi version of Pittsburgh in 2046. You'll see MCloskey's work in person at GA/GI! More details to come. 
Dan McCloskey

Displaying free money asst mags.jpg
Displaying free money asst mags.jpg
Displaying free money asst mags.jpg
Displaying free money asst mags.jpg

Glass Center Sez GA/GI on Every Level @ May 6 Unblurred

Lifeforms_graphicThe Pittsburgh Glass Center (PGC) @5472 Penn has once again agreed to be headquarters for the annual Geek Art/Green Innovator's Festival during Unblurred on Penn on Friday, May 6. They will be disseminating the most current festival information the day of the event, as well as showcasing a map of the GA/GI venues. What makes this location so perfect for a GA/GI partner is PGC's national prominence, green LEED certification, and its commitment to community! During GA/GI 7 The PGC will feature an outdoor Beer Garden, its exhibition: Lifeforms (now through May 15) on the lst floor; a surprise fashion segment by glass students and a multidisciplinary installation called "Gather 'Round the Fire" coordinated by Speaklife Storytellers' Captain, Adam Keene in the top floor Hot Shop. Keep checking our blog...more info to come!

This is what they do @ PGC! Creation of a sea turtle in the Hot Shop 6/15

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

GA/GI Joins Pittsburgh 200th Birthday...Thanks Bill!

Pittsburgh is 200 years young and the Geek Art/Green Innovator's Festival has officially joined the ranks of community events honoring this iconic time in the city's history!

Mayor Bill Peduto, then a city councilman  recognized GA/GI's potential in 2010--its inaugural year--raising funds through his PeduTube project. The Mayor is proud as punch of this town which started as a colonial dot on the map and grew to be one of the most recognized, awarded and applauded cities across the country and--YES!-- the world. Sure--no city is perfect, but Peduto hopes everyone and every neighborhood will get involved in celebrating the city of Pittsburgh, which always rises to the occasion on every challenge put before it. New York has nothing on us! For more info visit the Pittsburgh Bicentinnial site.

Link to our 2010 PeduTube Post here.


Monday, March 7, 2016

May 6, 2016 GA/GI @ Unblurred on Penn Well Under Way

Hello Friends--

The Geek Art/Green Innovator's Festival (GA/GI) announces its 7th Year on Penn Avenue, Friday, May 6 at Unblurred First Fridays! Last year's GA/GI "Reboot,"helped galvanize crowds to visit the business district after a long, idle winter. Now, with the easing up of construction on Penn, there couldn't be a better time for the fest, so as we do every year, we're giving you a sneak preview of what to expect.

This year's theme is-- GA/GI 7: Fertile Ground
Gallerys and businesses will focus on the Eco aspects of  GA/GI with, of course, our usual tech and and art fanfare. 

Main sites will feature an indie blogger who will "report" on activities the night of GA/GI in their respective venues. There will be special gardening segments, an exhibition by the Pittsburgh Bonsai Society, an installation by comic illustrator Daniel McCloskey creator of "Free Money" and everyone is looking forward to the annual  fashion segment which will be eye-popping. Whatever happens at GA/GI is because our festival planners believe in eco, tech and arts folks whereever we get them and let them bring their own brand of coolness to the festival without a lot of rules and regs. 

We'll be updating weekly to give you keep you in the loop. In the meantime,
To get an idea of past events, take a look at last year's blog.