Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sounds and Echo Lightwaves @ Assemble during GA/GI

For May 6, GA/GI @ Unblurred, Assemble (5125 Penn Avenue) is hosting Jonathan Hodges-- a control /freak!  

Echo Lightwave Unspeakable (Aka Jonathan Hodges) has been hacking electronics into experimental electronic instruments for the past 15 years. His exhibition: “control / freak” represents 15 years of trial/error/failure in the pursuit of knowledge and self fulfillment through the use/misuse of electronics in order to create a larger palate of unusal sounds.  Some of the month's activities include: a circuit bending workshop, an album release from Echo Lightwave Unspeakable
(also entitled “control / freak”), multiple experimental music showcases, and the debut of the “Psychic Orchestra”; a large, light sensitive, installation using 100 tone generating circuits.

Echo Lightwave Unspeakable is also running a fundraiser to cover thecosts of the month long show at Assemble and his album release by selling t-shirts on

Learn more about Assemble here, and keep checking back at our blog!

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