Wednesday, March 9, 2016

GA/GI Joins Pittsburgh 200th Birthday...Thanks Bill!

Pittsburgh is 200 years young and the Geek Art/Green Innovator's Festival has officially joined the ranks of community events honoring this iconic time in the city's history!

Mayor Bill Peduto, then a city councilman  recognized GA/GI's potential in 2010--its inaugural year--raising funds through his PeduTube project. The Mayor is proud as punch of this town which started as a colonial dot on the map and grew to be one of the most recognized, awarded and applauded cities across the country and--YES!-- the world. Sure--no city is perfect, but Peduto hopes everyone and every neighborhood will get involved in celebrating the city of Pittsburgh, which always rises to the occasion on every challenge put before it. New York has nothing on us! For more info visit the Pittsburgh Bicentinnial site.

Link to our 2010 PeduTube Post here.


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