Thursday, April 21, 2016

BGC OPENS Night Market!-- Supports GAGI Guest--The Pittsburgh Bonsai Society #unblurred #Pennavenue412 #open on Penn  #proud to be Penn
This spring, Penn Ave is booming!  Especially on First Fridays of each month, when people come from all over the region to visit the monthly art crawl and the retail shops, galleries, restaurants and other establishments between the blocks of 4800- 5500 in the business district at the apex of the Bloomfield/Garfield/Friendship business district. During this time, the business community transforms into one of the city's hottest cultural events--Unblurred. On Friday, May 6, The Geek Art/Green Innovator's Festival ramps up the action, inviting artists, tech wizards and Eco leaders, who might never otherwise network to join in the popular arts venue and talk face to face with John Q. Public--YOU-- about key programs, people and projects in the region.

Also part of the excitement is the Garfield Night Market, hosting its first Unblurred event the night of the May, 6th GA/GI Fest. The market, produced monthly through October by the The Bloomfield Garfield Corporation, starts at the corner of North Pacific Avenue and Penn, stretching north to Dearborn Street. There, visitors can meet vendors selling a variety of items including food, jewelry, art, clothing and other wares. This is a market that has something for everyone. For more info on Night Market including how to become a vendor visit:  or e-mail: 

PLUS... in the mix of all this awesomeness, you'll find the Pittsburgh Bonsai Society who will host an event in the Bloomfield/Garfield Activity Center--but more on that later! Check back on our blog, soon!

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