Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Find Things for your Nest @ Robin's Nest @ GA/GI

Robin's Nest (5504 Penn), owned by Robin (naturally) Snyder, is advertised as having "art and craft by local artisans." And Snyder means local. She's always on the look out for area talent to showcase, something many of Pittsburgh's galleries aren't willing to risk doing. But she's one who truly believes in the city's artists, so the majority of her items are made right here in the "Burg."

"We have a unique collection of handmade originals suitable for everyone," says Snyder. They opened in 2014, not the best time for a new shop on Penn Avenue with large sections of the street about to be ripped apart, and she remained through the transformation, which showed Snyder's devotion and faith in the business community. Her shop features: ceramics, jewelry, textiles, home decor, art glass, accessories; what she calls "daily bling" and a multitude of other treasures.

Currently she is exhibiting and selling incredible work by local artist, Paul McMillan who lives practically around the corner from her shop. McMillan, a former Texan (who fell in love with a Pittsburgh lady, and by association was led to move here ;-) recently received an award from the Northwestern Pennsylvania's Artist Association. His work ranges from classical to abstract and occasionally includes his own poetry and music as subject matter. Most of his painting are created with a "wet color" technique which is stand oil mixed with bee's wax and mastic resin which gives his colors depth and luminosity. Robin's Nest is showing a collection of his beautiful work with peaceful, bucolic themes that show barns, hay rolls, and moonlit bridges. Do go see them during GA/GI at Friday, May 6 Unblurred on Penn Ave.And keep checking our blog for more exciting festival info!

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